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The stick - from coffee tree

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"Favorite stick" made of coffee tree ♻️ 🪵

  • Good alternative to other chew sticks made of meat or plastic
  • Also works as dental floss
  • Two different sizes

When the dog chews, small fibers can come loose after a while, which can also act as dental floss and strengthen the jaw muscles. The fibers are harmless and can be swallowed.

Made in the southwest corner of China, on the border of Tibet and Burma. We have chosen to transport the sticks to Sweden by train 🚞. Longer delivery time, but probably better for the environment. After a tree stops producing beans, in this way we can reuse the branches and trunk for other sustainable products :)

The stick can also become a favorite for those who like to throw/retrieve. Consider that some dogs can become stressed by such play and then it is better to use a calmer brain exercise such as hide/seek.

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