Read some customer reviews below. Feel free to contact us if you still doubt us!

" I looooove the fragrance on your shampoo. It would be ultimate if you'd also have it as a perfume!
- Jessica, Country Dog Salon

" The products are so good.
- Pälsoteket, Dog Groomer

I use the  Schnoodie shampoo and conditioner. Both with a faint scent. Rufus CKS is cleaner than usual, smells good and my hands feel soft. Very flexible with the cork for pet bottles!
- Jade, Södermalm Stockholm

Shampoo and conditioner are great. Thick, smells good and the dog's skin and coat become clean, nice and smooth!
- Jeanette, Dog groomer Stockholm

The leash and collar are way better than my old ones in nylon. Also getting smoother and finer for every day.
- Mette, Denmark

Our lab Emma loves to gnaw on her favorite stick!
- Julia, Dalarö

The squirrel is popular, but wished it didn't beeped...
- Svante, Old Town

The collar size L was a bit small for our blue-tick hound cross Rottweiler. Hopefully the XL will fit. Otherwise, I love the quality! Very chic!
- Rachel, LA USA

Tested the towel after washing and was surprised by the absorbency.
Absolutely superb!
- Ulla-Britt, Mariatorget

The black collar is super. Nice soft texture even when chasing Jack Rabbits in the desert, too bad I never catch any.
- Mr. Burroughs, Joshua Tree CA

Great fun Squirrel toy, but didn't last very long...
- Grand Danois, Dalarö

I got clean, and apparently I smell good.
- Ziggy, Upplands Väsby

Very nice brush without scratching. Cozy soft towel. Perfect also on the sofa for extra cuddles. Love it!
- Nofi, Old Town/Stockholm

Nice formula to work with. Lathered well and good smell . The owner who picked it up thought it smelled fresh and not "too much".
- Dog groomer, Kungsholmen