Meet the founder Acke

Who wants their own scalp washed with strong soap..?

Anna-Kerstin "Acke" is the master that all dogs love. Serial entrepreneur with a teaching degree and experience in successful companies within, among other things, the hairdressing industry.

"I tested several dog products on the market and noticed that many had few sensible detergent-active surfactants, dull scents and were not very gentle. I contacted a couple of dog groomers to confirm my thoughts, and they agreed with me."

- Ok, so you simply saw a need for a better product. How did you go about pre-launch?

"I contacted a factory supplier with whom I have worked for a long time. My friend Magnus works there and is considered one of Sweden's foremost cosmetic chemists. He is extremely valuable in my product development and his dog has been a test pilot and seems proud to have the finest fur in the rest yard."

The result became a completely new formula with properties as a professional vegan hairdressing product. Roughly and should be diluted with water. Effective but with a mild detergent-active surfactant. Slight perfumed with the scent of infinity stone , but is also available completely unscented.

"After researching among masters and mistresses, it also became clear that many were using cheap products, even strong soap that we use for heavily soiled floor surfaces! Who wants their own scalp washed with strong soap?".

- Was it complicated to register and certify the products?

"Since products for animals are chemical products, there will be a lot of work with registration at the Chemicals Inspectorate. But now everything is classified and labeled according to the CLP regulation!"

- In what way should Schnoodie help dog owners to facilitate laundry at home?

"First of all, my products are milder than most and should be diluted with water, preferably in a recycled pet bottle. Just dabbing on a dab of shampoo and rubbing it on the spot rarely works, and it's going to take a lot of dabs to get all fur clean!".

"Therefore, I have also designed a shower cap for pet bottles. Then it will be a little easier to spread the contents over the entire coat".
(see instructional video for this product)

Acke grew up on an island in the Stockholm archipelago with Arrox, a giant black long-haired German shepherd. Very nice but with a slightly odd quirk; to run after joggers in an attempt to grab their top beanie on the move…

Currently living with family in Gamla Stan (Old Town). One of Stockholm's most dog-crowded neighborhoods!

Passionate about customer service, product development, skiing, music, cooking, entrepreneurship, nature and of course 🐕🐩🦮🐕‍🦺

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