Schnoodie Coat Concept

We help you take care of your best mate in an easy way at home. Showering and bathing are usually challenging. Hopefully these sessions run smooth now, and you will have more time to play and cuddle 🤗

Our "
coat concept " fits all dogs and is developed together with dog groomers. Formula developed by Sweden's leading lab for cosmetic products.

Schnoodie shampoo and conditioner is very thick and should be diluted at least 1-4 times, but works up to 1-20 times (depending on size and dirtiness).

A lot of content for the money compared to a product that is not diluted

Recycle a suitable pet bottle. Fill with water, shake to mix product with water. Put on the Schnoodie Cap (smart cork) to spread more easily over the entire coat. Enjoy!

The formula is of course 100% PH-balanced and suitable for all dogs. Provitamin B5 and specially selected aloe vera help with hydration. Plant-based keratin/protein strengthens the coat. Free from SLES and parabens. Vegan at its best!🌱

Please check the illustration video here.

Use our various brushes for tow examination that work for both wet and dry fur. Also good aid for air-drying. A tip is to first dry with our towel , which has surprisingly good absorbency and is gentle on the hands at the same time.
Please read more about how I started Schnoodie 🤗🐾