Tips - how to wash the dog at home

  1. Try to find a practical and flexible place where the dog can stand safely without slipping during the entire wash.

    Some smaller dogs can fit in a sink or tub, while larger ones need a spacious shower area or bathtub. Some may be able to arrange a special dog bathtub with drainage, which can reduce the risk of blockages in the pipes.
  1. Wet the fur all around. Fill a pet bottle with lukewarm water. Pump in for approx. 4-10 times from the shampoo. Put on the "Schnoodie Shower Cap" . Shake gently to mix the ingredients with the water.
  1. Spread over the entire coat, but be careful of direct contact with the eyes. Wash and massage thoroughly and try to give your dog a wonderful spa experience.

    It doesn't lather very much, but it usually comes clean anyway. Dogs with a lot of fur (or extra dirty) may need 2 washes.
  1. Rinse off any shampoo residue from the coat. Some dogs like slightly cooler water, but experiment.
  1. Mix conditioner in a pet bottle and put on our smart cap. Spread over the coat and let sit for a couple of minutes. Offer a treat and listen to your favorite music in the meantime.
  1. Rinse through the coat carefully so that no product residue remains.

Good to have close at hand before the fun begins:

  • Products that you should use (tips here)
  • Anti-slip mat
  • Favorite treat
  • Towel
  • Favorite music (or sound) that you both like

Should you wash the dog often?

Once a month is recommended by many dog groomers, but of course it depends on "dirtiness". Some breeds with longer fur may need to be washed more often. It is good to have regular visits to the hairdresser to sort out extra matted fur and get additional tips on the best care.

There are still divided opinions on whether you should wash your dog at all. Some may find that a bath in the lake or a long walk combined with thorough brushing is enough.

Some claim that it works great to wash their dog with dish liquid or strong soap. Personally, we use these products for heavily soiled dishes and floor scrubbing😘