Carla - the Romanian office dog

We hooked up with Leonie and Daniel in Munich who is living the best life with Carla, a Romanian mixed breed. Carla is helping Leonie at the office and now candidating for a top management position. Her tactics involve a lot of snore and snooze, a valuable manner she has learned from the other bosses...

Carla the romanian dog at the office

- What does the dog mean to you?
She is a part of our family and means the world to us. Every day she is our first and last thought.

- What is the favorite activity, if asking the dog?
She loves sleeping, if that is an activity. Otherwise she loves going hiking with us, loves having zoomies in the sand or dirt and she adores water - but only belly deep. No further :)

- Could you tell us a bit about your best dog-related memory?
Well, she just started laying down on my belly and chest for cuddles and is totally relaxed - that kind of trust and love makes me melt every time.

- How does an ordinary day look like with the dogs at work?
Our daily routine is: Alarm clock 6:40 - me getting ready, Carla getting in bed for cuddles with Daniel. 7:30 heading to work by car. Making a stop in a huge park for our morning walk until 8:50. Starting work at 9. Carla sleeping until 12, me having lunch. 1pm off for a mid day walk, after that Carla sleeping until 4pm. Then wanting to play with Mr. Monkey or Ballie. Leaving work at 5pm. Meeting up with dog friends for the last zoomies.

- What are the main advantages of bringing the dog to work?
Main advantages of bringing her to work is that she doesn‘t have to stay at home alone, I get to go out of the office for my break and my animal loving colleagues get some Carla cuddles every day :)

- Any challenge with having the dog at the office?
No challenge at all:)

Carla Romanian mixed breed with Schnoodie package

Leoni and Daniel just posted reviews of some Schnoodie products. "The shampoo and conditioner is amazing. Finally very very good stuff in the dog market!".

- Have there been any extra fun (or sad) thing caused by the dog at work?
My Boss calls her Dorie (from the film Find Nemo) because Carla forgets him from one day to the other. As soon as he comes in the office the barks at him and feels insecure but in that moment he sits down at his desk and gets some dog treats out of the drawer she sits in front of him begging for food. A laugh every day!

- Do you work with any kind of “brain work” for Carla?
Our brain work is mainly commandos training. Sit, stay, lay down, waving, high five etc.

Dog high-five

- Do you consider a “dog-person” different from a cat-person?
It‘s hard to generalze if a dog person is different to a cat person. I know weirdo cat people but also weirdo dog people. I‘d say they have the Pro-animal gene in common but that’s probably it. 

- Do you have anything on your bucket-list still undone?
Bucket list is a good topic, actually I don‘t have one, as it only makes a kind of pressure and you feel sad when u don‘t make it. But if I had to say something, I’d probably say marrying the love of my life and being brought to the Altar by my Dad and Carla :) Cheesy, ha?

Can't get enough of this amazing dog Carla?
Please have a look at this IG-video with a lovely brushing session.