Flower entrepreneur Ture

What is the name of your dog/dogs, breed, age?
My dogs are called Saxon 10 years (yorkshire terrier) and Dexter 7 years (Chihuahua).

What does the dog mean to you?
A life without a dog would be so much poorer in both love and companionship.

Best dog-related memory?
That was when we got our first guy (Saxon). It was an early summer evening 10 years ago, when we went and spontaneously visited some friends in Haninge, to cuddle with their 5 puppies. This was a Thursday night during the holidays. There was puppy cuddles, a barbecue and a lot of wine. Our two daughters were there, and guess what, there was talk about us taking a puppy home with us! To top it off, I had already booked a Malteser guy, who we were going to pick up on Saturday up in Öregrund. The daughters were completely unaware of this. But as the evening wore on and the consumption of wine had continued for a longer time, I gave in, still without the daughters' knowledge. My wife Malin, who was drinking cola and driving that evening, reminded me that I had booked another puppy. But I said that it was calm and that we will solve it, take it tomorrow.

All said and done, we smuggled little Saxon into a beach bag and put a small soft blanket over it. When we went to the car, the daughters were very upset and thought we were the stupidest parents in the whole world. When we had driven the car a bit, the youngest daughter (Elsa) took the blanket out of the beach bag, because she thought it was cold. Then there were shouts of tears and joy. There in the bag was our little bundle. So from being the worst parents in the world, we were the best parents you could have. How the puppy I had tinged was another story...

What are the main advantages of having your dog in the truck?
That you have company all day and that you have to stop to rest the little ones. So it will be a win win situation.

What does a typical day look like with the dog at work?
We start the day by taking a pee in Santa's yard at home, then we go up to the company to load. When it's finished, I take a nice prom in the forest, and then roll out on the roads and deliver. Then there will be a lunch break and when I have finished eating, there will be a short prom where we are at the moment. Then we roll on. When we park at home in the lot after the end of the day, it's another walk home in the residential area. Then I have done my part with our four-legged friends and the rest of the family members can take over where after they come home.

What challenges do you see having a dog in the workplace?
That when I stop for an extended period of time to work, I ALWAYS have to make sure I park in a shady spot and ventilate the truck properly. All in winter, I must not forget to turn on the diesel heater.

Are there any customers/partners who have reacted negatively because of the dogs?
We have actually been banned from dogs inside the company's premises because there are some colleagues who are afraid of dogs and it is not a dog-friendly workplace with trucks and heavy carts.

Has anything extra funny (or boring) happened because of the dogs?
The funniest thing is that everywhere I go people smile when they see two little heads peeking out the big truck window.

Do you or someone else exercise with the dogs?
Everyone in the family is out on long walks or on the exercise track.

Do you work with any "brain training" e.g. nose job, fetch or problem solving?
Malin is the one who works mostly with activity toys and searching.

What is your dogs favorite pastime?
Our boys love looking for sweets and snuggling on the couch in front of the TV.

Is a dog person different from a cat person?
A dog person is more active.

What tops your bucket list (with or without a dog)?
To someday get away to Nashville to listen to great music. But then the dogs can stay at home..